Buy Federal Primers online from our shop. Federal Premium® Gold Medal® Match Primers offer remarkably dependable and uniform ignition, helping shooters win matches and maintaining perfect performance in semi-auto weapons. In order to give shooters reliable, high-quality ammunition, Federal manufactures their Gold Medal brand of components and ammunition under tight quality control guidelines and to exacting specifications. To reach equal velocities with more accuracy, reloaders use Gold Medal Match Primers, which have the same reloading data as ordinary (non-magnum) primers. Provide incredibly reliable ignition; Operate without a hitch in semi-automatic weapons; Produced with meticulous precision, utilize identical data as conventional primers. It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic, civil upheaval in American cities, and the possibility of an anti-gun president in the near future have all contributed to the record-high demand for firearms and ammo. Purchase Federal Primers Primer sales are currently the weakest link in the ammunition supply chain, similar to past ammunition sales booms. Guns & Ammo has spoken with a number of manufacturers and discovered that one of the factors keeping ammunition producers from reaching this extraordinary demand is a shortage of primers.